Who is Dr. Milena Anfosso?

About Me

First things first. I am surely not your traditional stereotypical scholar. Feeling like getting to know me, my background, my research interests, and my commitment better?

"Chinatown," a portrait by Jonny Zeller, July 2021.

People and media continue to show interest in:


  1. My life journey, which has taken me from Coazzolo, a small village of 300 people in Northern Italy, to an American megalopolis like Los Angeles, with many adventures in Paris along the way;
  2. My renown as a scholar in Historical Linguistics, working at the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Sorbonne, UCLA, Harvard, etc.;
  3. My constant fight for gender equality and inclusivity in Academia fueled by being a victim of inappropriate commentaries and sexism by previous teachers and colleagues.


Below is a selection of my interviews, biographical accounts, and research presentations in Italian, English, Spanish, and French. Enjoy!

My Interview on SHOUTOUT LA

• “Meet Milena Anfosso, Ph.D. | Historical Linguist | Author | Translator.” Interview for SHOUTOUT LA, February 6, 2023. 


My interview on VoyageLA.

• “Community Highlights: Meet Dr. Milena Anfosso.” Interview for VoyageLA, June 27, 2022. 



Article on me by Noel Emilia Gazzano appeared in the Italian newspaper "La Stampa."

• “Milena Anfosso e la vita dei suoni.” By Noel Emilia Gazzano. La Stampa. April 30, 2022.


My interview on "Scapà da ca" for Enrico Eandi Foundation.

• “Milena dall’Astigiano alla California, passando per Parigi.” Interview for “Scapà da Ca” (literally ‘runaway’ in Piedmontese dialect), an initiative by Foundation Enrico Eandi, a non-profit organization meant to support Piedmont and its cultural heritage. May 13–25, 2021.


Event poster on Money.it.

• “Come fare strada in un mondo di uomini? Ricercatrice italiana a Harvard si racconta a Money.it.” Interview by Marta De Vivo on the website Money.it. March 8, 2021.


The host Francisco Glicerio Conde Mora and I during the interview on TV7 Andalucía.

• Interview on the Spanish TV segment “Universidad y Sociedad”, hosted by Francisco Glicerio Conde Mora on TV7 Andalucía. Episode recorded on January 15, 2021, broadcasted on February 6, 2021.


Article on me by Elisabetta Moro appeared in the magazine "Cosmopolitan Italy."

• “La lezione di Milena Anfosso, grecista italiana a Harvard per lottare contro pregiudizi e maschilismo.” By Elisabetta Moro. Cosmopolitan Italy. December 22, 2020.


My interview by Remy Morandi on the newspaper "Il resto del Carlino – La Nazione."

• “Dall’ultimo banco all’amore per il greco: Al liceo ero la punk, ora lavoro ad Harvard.” Interview by Remy Morandi. Il Resto del Carlino – La Nazione. 14. December 22, 2020.


My interview by Elisabetta Testa on "La Voce di Asti."

• “La grecista Milena Anfosso, da Coazzolo a Los Angeles, ora lavora per Harvard e attende la Green Card per merito.” Interview by Elisabetta Testa. La Voce di Asti. December 18, 2020.


My interview by Martina Tartaglino on the newspaper "La Repubblica."

• “La studiosa di Coazzolo salita nell’Olimpo dei Grecisti.” Interview by Martina Tartaglino. La Repubblica. December 15, 2020.


Description of my research project at CHS.

• “CHS 2020 Fall Fellows: Milena Anfosso.” Posted by Lanah Koelle, October 7, 2020, on the online news bulletin of the Center for Hellenic Studies, Kleos@CHS.


My interview by Daniela Peira on "La Nuova Provincia."

• “Un’imitazione che risale all’Antica Grecia fa conquistare il posto ad Harvard a un’ellenista di Coazzolo.” Interview by Daniela Peira. La Nuova Provincia. April 10, 2020.


My profile on the 2020-21 Fellowship in Hellenic Studies announcement.

• “Meet the 2020-21 Fellows in Hellenic Studies: Milena Anfosso.” Posted by Lanah Koelle, April 9, 2020, on the online news bulletin of the Center for Hellenic Studies, Kleos@CHS.


My interview by Daniela Peira on "La Nuova Provincia."

• “Un’astigiana tra i maggiori ricercatori al mondo di greco antico.” Interview by Daniela Peira. La Nuova Provincia. December 29, 2018.


Cover of my interview by Bernard Delange.
  • “Milena Anfosso, Linguiste.” Interview by Bernard Delange on the site www.fondation.org, November 1, 2015, after being awarded the prestigious “Prix pour la Vocation.”


Front cover of my book "Deneb."

• “Intervista a Milena Anfosso.” Interview on the site www.parlamidite.com, September 14, 2011, following the publication of my first collection of poems, Deneb (2011, Patti: Kimerik).