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“The Rockstar Scholar and Beyond” Career Coaching Program

I have been lucky to have many incredible mentors over the years that made me discover that coaching/mentoring is a powerful form of professional development and can lead to achieving goals much faster than by stumbling through obstacles alone. 

There are some subtle and some not-so-subtle differences between teaching, coaching, and mentoring:

  • Teaching generally starts from a position of expertise on a specific topic, and knowledge is imparted to pupils through a pre-determined curriculum;
  • Coaching is more fluid, takes a more personalized approach, and instills wisdom based on specific real-world experience; 
  • Mentoring is similar to coaching in that there is a guide who helps someone learn or develop faster than they might do alone. Mentors are often experts in their respected field, although they typically do not offer a “formal” teaching approach.

I discovered coaching after many people called me to assist them with their academic and post-academic goals following the publication of some of my interviews. They needed guidance and support on topics ranging from particular questions, like “What are the best translation techniques for Ancient Greek texts?” or “How can I craft a successful cover letter?” to more complex issues, like “Should I pursue an academic career in the Humanities?” and “How can I understand what my real passion is?” Because of these spontaneous requests, I decided to dig deeper and learn more about all those communication skills coaches and mentors use to help clients shift their perspectives – thereby discovering new approaches to achieve their goals.

I found out that helping others learn through coaching is a hugely rewarding process for me. Not only is it possible to have the potential to allow someone to change their life, but you also get to learn from the process yourself. Think of a coach as a personal trainer. A personal trainer will adjust your diet, propose new workouts, motivate you, and provide guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals. The obvious difference is that, as a coach, I will help you build your skills (not your muscles) to make you fit for your academic and post-academic career. I can coach and counsel students and professional clients. I will review your work history, education, strengths, accomplishments, problem areas, skills, values, motivations, and goals. I have coached students and professionals in new careers, reorganizations, and downsizing. Call me today if you want to change your career or just take it to the next level.

a) “The Rockstar Scholar” Career Coaching Program

Once in a while, something special happens… After years of studying and countless hours in the library focused on a specific puzzling topic that caused more sleepless nights than you would like, you realize that you have finally connected the dots. You have the answer that you were looking for. Nothing is more thrilling than that “aha moment” in a scholar’s life when you have just discovered something new.

But then what?

Making the discovery is just the start of the exciting journey to come. I commonly hear from colleagues about projects they are interested in promoting, but the manuscript was too sloppy to be published, the abstract to a conference was rejected because it was not written correctly, or they were not ready to speak in public. It can be an incredibly daunting realityEveryone in Academia knows that getting a tenure track job is impossible without (among others) an outstanding record of refereed publications and conference presentations.

The problem is that NOBODY will teach you: the academic system is not set up to teach you the realities of how to navigate your career.

Do not let this all scare you: I am here to help!

As an award-winning scholar with numerous academic publications and multiple multilingual conference presentations globally, I might know one thing or two about scholarly research, grant writing, and successful academic applications. That knowledge and experience are now available to you, so your path to becoming a “Rockstar Scholar” is easier than you think!


My services include customized strategies to fit your needs, considering your particular strengths and challenges. I will work with you, with complete confidentiality, on the skills you need to acquire or improve.

I will teach you: 

  • How to identify and hone your “transferable skills;.”
  • How to craft a solid academic CV;
  • How to write a killer cover letter; 
  • How to prepare the perfect abstract;
  • How to write a flawless article;
  • How to bring a long project (e.g., a dissertation or a book) to completion;
  • How to improve your speaking skills in view of a conference and how to handle a Q&A session;
  • How to build an academic network; 
  • How to handle performance anxiety, perfectionism, and Imposter syndrome;
  • How to craft a successful academic job application;
  • And more

Concerning your applications for academic positions, the tactics used to strengthen your case will vary according to the institution types (more research-oriented Ivy Leagues and RU/VH vs. more teaching-oriented liberal arts colleges and community colleges). We will craft all the documents needed together: CV, cover letter, teaching statement, research statement, and diversity statement… Then, if you will get to the interview stage, I will prepare you for the big day by doing mock interviews in all types of simulations.

One of the elegant doors of Sorbonne University, Paris, France.

b) The “Beyond” Career Coaching Program

What if you have discovered that Academia is not for you anymore? What if something that started as a quest for knowledge and intellectual growth suddenly becomes a struggle for survival in a cutthroat environment that has you on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Or, more simply, what if you discover that you’ve entered a new phase in your life and Academia is merely not part of it?

Whatever your reasons for leaving Academia are, it will not be an easy process. I am here to support you.

As a scholar who deliberately decided not to pursue a traditional academic career, I am here to tell you that it is your right to leave. I will tell you more: not only is there life outside of Academia, but there is a beautiful life!


In your post-academic life, you will need to reinvent yourself. You might feel empty and deprived of your “academic identity.” You might feel useless, without a purpose, and incapable of anything outside Academia. As your “Beyond” Coach, I will help you navigate the challenges of this new phase of your life, and I will prove you wrong! I will teach you:

  • How to facilitate the grieving process of your previous “academic identity”;
  • How to find a purpose in your non-academic life;
  • How to frame the skills you acquired in Academia for the non-academic job market;
  • How to craft a solid resume;
  • How to write a non-academic cover letter;
  • How to get access to resources on post-academic careers;
  • And more…
"Open Highway," by Nout Gons.


Still interested in the “The Rockstar Scholar and Beyond” Career Coaching Program?

I kindly ask all consulting clients to share their CV please so I can have a holistic understanding of your record before we begin. Once that is complete, we can have our initial thirty-minute assessment Zoom meeting.

If you feel like I am a good fit for your needs after the assessment call, we can begin the coaching program! The program includes regular Zoom meetings in a supportive, judgment-free environment:

  1. Per hour: Best for those with a specific question or a single issue that needs guidance. Remember, there are no stupid questions! You can book time in 1-hour increments whenever there is an opening in my calendar.
  2. Per project: Do you need help with that application? Do you have to practice your job talk? Let’s crush that specific goal you have in mind!
  3. Per month: Best for those who want a more comprehensive plan for building a successful career and need the flexibility of having an on-call coach to get answers at any time. Yes, even midnight before your big deadline!

Together we can transform that insurmountable problem into manageable tasks, setting clear deadlines for monitoring progress.

I cannot guarantee a particular outcome as, unfortunately, decisions of a selection board are outside of personal control. Still, guidance from a good coach can give you a sense of direction, improve your skills, and ensure you have the absolute best shot at reaching your target and landing the position. 

If all that sounds interesting to you, send me a message to learn more about the rates and have a more in-depth conversation about your goals or book your initial thirty-minute assessment Zoom meeting here.


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