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The “International Scholar” Academic Translations Service

Take out the stress of translating your manuscript! Whether you are an experienced scholar looking to save time but still effectively reach your international audience, or a first-time author looking for guidance and support as you prepare your manuscript in another language for the first time, I am available to help. Thanks to my exceptional writing and translating skills, I can provide you with a high-quality translated manuscript so you can confidently submit your work internationally.

My clients’ list include eminent scholars like:

• Prof. Brent Vine, Chair, Program in Indo-European Studies at UCLA [EN > FR – Vine, B. 2021. “Latin fimus/fimum ‘fumier’ et PIE *-mo- secondaire.” Dérivation nominale et innovations dans les langues indo-européennes anciennes (ed. A. Blanc and I. Boehm). 241–52. Lyon: Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée Jean Pouilloux. French translation by Anfosso, M. (Original title: “Latin fimus/fimum ‘dung’ and PIE Secondary *-mo-”)], and

• Dr. Elisa Grimi, Executive Director of the “European Society for Moral Philosophy” and Editor in Chief of Philosophical News [IT > FR – Grimi, E. 2017. “Humilité. Ontologie de l’identité”. Recherches philosophiques 4/1 (Dossier: L’humilité). 73–90. French translation by Anfosso, M. (Original title: “Umiltà. Ontologia dell’identità”); FR > IT – Pouivet, R. 2017. Dopo Wittgenstein, san Tommaso. Introduction and Italian translation by Grimi, E., linguistic revision by Anfosso, M., Sesto San Giovanni: Jouvence (Pouivet, R. 2014. Après Wittgenstein, saint Thomas. Paris: Vrin)].

Translations Options

Here are my current translation options:

1. French 🇫🇷, Italian 🇮🇹, Spanish 🇪🇸 to English 🇺🇸;

2. French 🇫🇷, English 🇺🇸, Spanish 🇪🇸 to Italian 🇮🇹;

3. English 🇺🇸, Italian🇮🇹, Spanish 🇪🇸 to French 🇫🇷;

4. English 🇺🇸, French 🇫🇷, Italian 🇮🇹 to Spanish 🇪🇸.


I follow a four-step process, ensuring that my translation communicates your research clearly and correctly, preserves your original meaning, is indistinguishable from an author with native language skills, and uses the field-specific and technical terms of your subject area accurately (that is why I will translate academic manuscripts in the field of the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts only).

  1. Research – Before translating your text, I make sure I entirely understand your subject area, and I master the field-specific and technical terms;
  2. Translation – I actively translate your manuscript from the source language to the target language, ensuring your original meaning is communicated.
  3. Language Edit – I am available for a single round of revisions to make adjustments to the translation if necessary.
  4. Final Review – I will work with a highly curated group of professionals and native speakers to perform a last check that confirms accuracy and competence.


Before providing you with my rates, I want to be very honest. In content production, projects are often quantified and paid on a “per word” basis rather than a “per hour” basis. After several years of experience as an academic translator, I am convinced that using a “per word” rate instead of a “per hour” will always provide the client with the best value.

Academic translations are a highly specialized task. The expertise and context required for academic translations far exceed that of traditional translations, primarily because of the necessary preliminary research. High-quality academic translation services performed by a Ph.D. ensure that your manuscript will receive an accurate translation that preserves your work’s original meaning and context. Delivering high-quality, error-free translations to your audience worldwide will help grow your competitiveness internationally and present your research in a much more favorable light.

You have spent years mastering your craft and becoming an expert in your field. Do not compromise your work and integrity by using a discount translation service.

 I propose the following rates (rush fees may apply):

Manuscript Length Business Days Rates
200 – 8000 words Regular: 12 flat rate per number of words in the source language
Last Minute Submission: 4 business days or less flat rate per number of words in the source language, plus 25% more on the total cost
Last Minute Submission on Vacation: 4 days or less including week-ends or holidays flat rate per number of words in the source language, plus 50% more on the total cost
8001 – 18000 words Regular: 12 flat rate per number of words in the source language
18001 – 21000 words Regular: 14 flat rate per number of words in the source language
21001 – 24000 words Regular: 16 flat rate per number of words in the source language
24001 – 27000 words Regular: 18 flat rate per number of words in the source language
27001 – 30000 words Regular: 20 flat rate per number of words in the source language

Of course, I guarantee 100% confidentiality, so feel free to share your manuscript with me. I also deliver on time, every time. Make sure to book your service in due time if you don’t want to pay more.

If you have any questions about your translations after you receive your translated manuscript, you are more than welcome to reach out, so we can solve the issue(s) together.

Please contact me here for more information and a free estimate. Book your initial thirty-minute assessment Zoom meeting here if you prefer to talk with me.


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