Creative Writing Publications

Although I have published only poetry in my early twenties, I recently discovered that I enjoy writing short stories, like those I post on my blog under the tag “creative writing.” In this respect, I am currently working on a collection of short stories set in Southern California. I would love to add more published creative works to this list soon!

Anfosso, M. 2011. Deneb. Raccolta di poesie. Patti: Casa Editrice Kimerik.

In 2010, my poem “Papaveri – Sibari (510 a.C.)” [Poppies – Sybaris 510 BCE] won the grand prize in the poetry section of a creative writing contest in Italy. Following that award, I signed a contract with one of the publishers that had sponsored the contest. That led me to the publication of Deneb in September 2011. The source of inspiration for the collection’s poems came from an active dialogue with ancient Greek and Latin authors and the interconnection between my everyday life and ancient mythological or historical facts. My passion for multilingualism was already evident in adopting code-switching and code-mixing as literary devices to convey a feeling of foreignness or to pursue mimesis through phonetic symbolism. Concerning my poetic persona, in some poems I was an outcast longing for meaningful human connections but cursed to be alone in a world dominated by “disposable” relationships. In others, I was a traveler in space and time, chasing beauty in Mediterranean landscapes.

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