Columns of the Temple of Segesta in Sicily.

“Ask a Scholar!” Scientific Advising Service

That is pretty straightforward. Do you need an expert on ancient languages and civilizations or Italian language/dialects to work with you on a project?

I am available for projects both inside and outside of Academia!

Of course, if you are a graduate student or a fellow scholar in my same fields of expertise, do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions, concerns, or want me to contribute and to give you my humble feedback on your research projects.

In addition, I have already worked as a Scientific Advisor on several types of projects such as documentaries, movies, educational initiatives, and various cultural endeavors.

Here are a few examples:

Thanks to the friendly frequentation of the Latin-Speaking Circle of Paris, I took part in the audio recordings in Latin [CD and Mp3] for the French self-teaching language learning method Assimil (Desessard, D. 2015. Lingua Latina. Paris: Assimil; you can find more info here: The dialogues’ recordings in Latin attempt to reproduce the effective Classical Latin pronunciation, the so-called “restituta” in original Latin literary texts, and translation in Latin of everyday life situations and contemporary literature.

One of my favorite scientific advisor roles was in a documentary titled Il tempo della Quaresima e della Pasqua in Calabria [Lent and Easter Time in Calabria], produced by Federazione Italiana Tradizioni Popolari and Finalist (fourth place) in the “Fiorenzo Serra” International Competition for Ethnographic Films and Documentaries, held in 2015 at the University of Sassari, Italy (for more info see here:

Since every project is unique, I can provide a quote for my fees (if any) after an exploratory call where you can teach me about your goals. Feel free to contact me here if you want me to join you! Book your initial thirty-minute assessment Zoom meeting here if you prefer to talk with me.


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